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Monday, July 9

If I don't reply to comments...'s because bloody awful Blogger no longer sends me an email alerting me to them. I try to remember to check the admin side of the blog for comments but I got so used to the email alerts that I sometimes forget.

I checked five minutes ago and found about ten comments dating back to June 23 that I hadn't approved. I have to use an approval process otherwise spam bots would flood the comments with garbage.

All comments are greatly appreciated. If from now on your comment doesn't appear in a timely fashion then please remember that it's not laziness or disinterest at work but just my bad habits. Hopefully, though, I'll not be quite so forgetful in future.

1 comment :

Martyn Lacey said...

You will probably find it’s all that GDPR stuff we hAve been bombarded with lately.
I have had the same issues with my website.....seems we have to confirm we want them to contact us.,
In fact my website now asks visitors to accept cookies in order to save the images to the cart when they are buying.....this is my main website not the blog one.
The idea of stopping the contact from companies we have never subscribed to and not passing around customer details with all this has failed anyway.
Today my wife was called by an energy supplier in Scotland in an attempt to gain our custom, we live in Somerset by the way, when I came onto the phone I asked where they obtained our contact info to be told via a competition my wife entered! Would you believe.

Keep up the good work Bruce.