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Wednesday, September 13

Six years and counting

I quite like the distressed look of this scanned
negative - suits the subject well. I scanned it in
flatbed rather than transparency mode through
the plastic negative sleeve just to see what it
would look like. I must have too much time
on my hands...

I've just realised, whilst looking through the list of old posts for something I'd written in the past, that The Online Darkroom is six years old today. I've often asked myself why I write a blog but have never really been able to come up with a good reason.

One thing I'm regularly reminded of, though, is the blog's usefulness as a diary. I can look back through more than 600 posts and find out what I was doing photographically-speaking at most periods since 2011.

It's interesting watching cameras come and go, favourite films give way to newcomers only for the old guard to restake their claim when the novelty wears off and the way I flit from one subject to another with little rhyme or reason! Still, I can think of worse ways to spend my spare time and the blog does a good job of providing some much-needed motivation now and again. It helps that I enjoy writing as well.

A while back I was writing three posts a weeks but that's tough going when you're a film photographer as the process is just so much more time-consuming than digital imaging. I'll keep plugging away as long as I can but I can't see me posting as regularly as thrice-weekly in the future. If I can keep to a consistent once or twice a week I'll be happy.

It's very gratifying to know that I've managed to hold on to many readers who were with me from my opening post and who seemed to have followed me here from earlier digital-related blogs I'd written. Whether you were with me from the start or jumped on board at some point over the past half-dozen years, many thanks for staying the course.


MartyNL said...

Congratulations Bruce on six years of blogging and hopefully for many more years to come!

I really like the image in this post too.

Bruce Robbins said...

Thanks, Marty.

tjen said...

we're the enjoyers, you've been all that time the creator of our joyness.Thanks for the work- thanks for swimming in bad weather and not give it up ... Chapeau !!!!! You must be human to do this....XXXXXXX

Herman Sheephouse said...

Keep 'em coming Bruce -always an enjoyable read. You have a year on me - march 2012 I started. Like the time on your hands scan btw!

Allan Castle said...

I enjoy reading your blog. It's great that someone does something creative and different and then shows other people their work.