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Wednesday, May 17

Barry Thornton Articles

I've added a page to the Resources section in the right side bar which contains some of the articles that Barry used to have on his old website and which are now no longer available (as far as I know) except through the Wayback Machine.

They're a good read with your morning coffee.


John Carter said...

Thanks for that; what a great resource. I have one of his books that has much of this in it, but it is easier here to access. I've used his two spoonful two bath and it works great. In California, we have many days where some compensation is needed.

Anonymous said...


Really appreciate you both sharing this and providing a more accessible permanent home for reference.
I have only been able to cobble together snippets of Barry Thornton wisdom here and there, including finding Edge of Darkness at a local library! Now to find Elements...
Hard to resist his insights and straightforward manner of communication.
Look forward to reading and re-reading what you have here.
Thanks again,


Frank said...

Looking for Elements?
I downloaded the pdf some time ago and can email it.
Just let me know where to send it.

Hernan Zenteno said...

I read some of his formulas in an old magazine but is very good to make them available online, and there are some that I didn't know. Many thanks for share them. All the best

Anonymous said...


I would most certainly love to accept your gracious offer. would do the trick.
Thank-you kindly!


Frank said...

Just sent it.

Anyone else interested?

tom choate said...

Hello Frank,

Is your pdf offer of Elements still available ? I'd be most appreciative .
Best regards--tom