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Thursday, December 1

Get to the chopper!

Recent iphone snap purely for decoration.

I was going to use Schwarzenegger's famous catchphrase "I'm back" for this post title but it was a bit obvious so this, I suppose, is me being enigmatic. Haha. Anyway, as they used to say at the BBC, we apologise for the break in transmission.

Righting the wrong that caused the blog to crash was straightforward enough once I'd gained access to my domain name settings. I'll try to make sure it doesn't happen again. It was quite humbling actually to hear from the number of people who hoped that nothing untoward had happened to me when they couldn't view the site at Thank you for your concern and good wishes.

Blogs, blogging and the people we come to know through writing and reading make for strange bedfellows, don't they? All but a handful of those who read the blog are known to me only as a name in the comments field or the occasional email and yet it's slightly troubling for readers when they think a website may have disappeared for good. It's not like losing a limb or anything but it's a little unsettling and disappointing. I know the feeling well myself having clicked to visit some websites over the years only to find that they'd gone forever. I suppose it's like a favourite magazine ceasing publication or, perhaps, a much-liked newspaper columnist retiring.

But, before you all start reaching for the sick bag, I'll leave this mawkishness behind and simply finish with the news that TOD is back to normal. Whatever that might mean...


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Mike may you keep shining the Light on. I am enjoying everything about The Online Darkroom your Fabulous Invention. Happy Holidays to You and all of Your Family and Friends. All Happening Again. Dave

slackercruster said...

Things can disappear overnight. Archive fav sites on the Wayback Machine.

Try WordPress for your blog. They seem very reliable, although have only used them for a couple of years.

Jim Martin said...

Good to see you back Bruce! I assumed some technical glitch with the web site or host had occurred. You've been a daily visit for me for years and I've learned a lot of valuable information from coming here.



DavidM said...

Normal, eh? Ha!
Good to see the old anterior aspect back in gear.

tjen said...

oef....Lucky us...

Herr Levandoski said...

Hello, Bruce.
I'm from Brazil and I'm building my first darkroom, now that I've graduated MED school, I'll have some time in my hands to pursue my dream hobby.

Brazil prohibits selling and importing incandescent lights, so I'm looking for a LED light bulb for my enlarger (Meopta Opemus 6, condenser).

Do you think I could use Multigrade paper normally?
Any insight?
Any tip on light color temperature to choose?

Thank You.

Bruce Robbins said...

I can't really help you with LED lighting - not an area I know much about. However, there are a few photographers on the Film and Darkroom Users Group who have experimented with this. Here's a thread:

It's easy and free to join FADU and maybe posting your question there will get some good responses. Converting to LED certainly works so you're on the right track. Good luck!

Bruce Robbins said...

Here's another LED lighting article that might be useful:

Paul Blanchard said...

Delighted to see you back!

DavidM said...

Not too shabby a snap with your iPhone.
Perhaps you have finally found your metier?
You may remember that Jonathan Ive was asked to create a special very, very limited edition Leica, so it's not such a giant leap for darkroom-kind.
And of course, if you want to continue to hand-make your prints there are ways to create negatives for both projection and contact printing. There's even an enlarger that uses the iPhone itself to print.
Hmmm... Thinks....
...if you still have the Durst, it might have enough space where the neg carrier fits to accommodate a nice slim iPhone. I might even have to check if a De Vere can do it, but I'll have to restore the tattered, once lightproof window blind first. (A casualty of painting the window frame, since you ask.)
I suppose you might even get Siri to help with the timing.

A thought on LEDs. You can buy ready-made multi-LED panels for lighting, some cheap, some expensive, that might be pressed into service as an enlarger light. I believe some of the expensive ones can be dimmed. B+Q sell powerful ("do not look directly") rechargeable LED floodlights, but that would need some cannibalisation. A battery-powered LED is not really a problem as the light is constant until it simply stops and you have to recharge. It would take a lot of enlarging to use up say, an hour of battery time.

John Carter said...

It's been 25 years since this stuff started, you'd think by now it would be as good as a VW bug.

Anonymous said...

I felt a sense of loss when I was unable to access your site, after only recently duscovering it. I struggle with the darkroom side of film photography, producing photographs that satisfy me, and digital photography doesn't interest me. I am often on the verge of quitting photography. The Online Darkroom was a beacon in the night--providing helpful suggestions for improving one's film photography--and then it was gone! Glad you're back. Bill W