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Wednesday, April 20

World Pinhole Photography Day

By David M.

World Pinhole Photography Day is almost here. It’s always held on the last Sunday in April and in 2016, that’s the 24th. A little bit of pinhole photography should be part of every serious photographer’s experience and WPPD is a little nudge in the right direction.

Almost all photographers have a comfort zone and tend to stay comfortably inside it. As we’ve mentioned zones, lets start with the LF brigade, perpetually agonising over highlight and shadow detail, the rendering of texture and the smoothness of tones. Fair enough, you may think, but they do bang on about the lovely wood grain and shiny brass work on their cameras, or the provenance of some ancient shutter or lens. You may well ask how all this gets onto the print.

Let’s look at other film-consuming photographers. Do we sometimes wonder if a little less reverence for the Leica might be healthy? Or less fiddling with miracle developers? How can it be that they seem to have unlimited stocks of outdated film? Why didn’t they shoot it when it was young?

What are we to say of DSLR users? We’ve all thought it. So much is done for them by the camera that soon, a drone-mounted DSLR will be programmable for say, Cartier-Bresson, Cindy Sherman or Martin Parr and sent out to do all the work by itself.

Finally, in this round-up, we must not forget the most popular camera of all – the all-conquering iPhone. But who, except the FBI, knows what goes on inside an iPhone?

Wouldn’t it be nice to do something simple for a change and to do it all for ourselves. Why not try doing it on April 24th and then send the results to the website. (http://pinholeday.orgThere are no prizes and no fees. You might find a group of photographers or an event near you. Perhaps you might like to look at to see the 3450 entries in 2015. It’s the most international thing that most of us will ever do.


Roy Karlsvik said...

I'll be ready on the 24th! My coffee box is right there on the shelf with a couple of different pinholes to go with it. Made out of Coke cans they are... the pinholes. Coke cans, and a rough needle. They kind of work well enough, both of them.
This year I think I will use a piece of that old Agfa Brovira paper handed down from my fathers old darkroom. Bought by himself back in the mid 70's some time. I'm looking forward to it. I might even get my son hooked this year... but that's still left to see!

Michael Carberry said...

I'm doing something different for World Pinhole Day. I made an F mount pinhole lens for the D3100 digital. WHeeee...................and I'll use it on the F5 as well. :D