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Saturday, September 5

Finalised Film Table

Finalised, that is, unless you can spot something that needs corrected! Many thanks to everyone who left a comment - there were some really good suggestions about how to improve the table. It's been a real community effort by The Online Darkroom readership.

You'll maybe notice a couple of films that will most likely be new to you. They're Filmotech DP3 and Nik & Trick FT12, both available from NTphotoworks, a Kent-based company that has some interesting products. I'm hoping to pick up a roll or two for review purposes. The table above is just a jpeg - the real thing's below.

Brand Product Name Format ISO*
ADOX Silvermax 35mm 100
ADOX CHS 100 II 35mm, 120, 5x4, 12cmx9cm 100
ADOX CMS 20 35mm, 120, 5x4 20
ADOX Pan 25 120 25
AGFA APX 100 35mm 100
AGFA APX 400 35mm 400
AGFA Scala 35mm 200
ARISTA EDU Ultra 100 35mm, 120, 5x4, 5x7, 10x8, 2.25x3.25" 100
ARISTA EDU Ultra 200 35mm, 120, 5x4, 5x7, 10x8 100
ARISTA EDU Ultra 400 35mm, 120, 5x4, 5x7, 10x8, 2.25x3.25" 100
BERGGER BRF400 Plus 35mm 400
BERGGER Pancro 400 5x4, 7x5, 10x8, 18cmx13cm 400
EASTMAN 5222/7222 (Double X) 35mm 250
FILMOTECH** DP3 35mm 12-25
FOMA Fomapan 100 35mm, 120, 5x4, 5x7, 10x8 100
FOMA Fomapan 200 35mm, 120, 5x4, 5x7, 10x8 200
FOMA Fomapan 400 35mm, 120, 5x4, 5x7 10x8 400
FOMA Fomapan R100 (reversal) 35mm 100
FOMA Retropan 320 Soft 35mm, 5x4, 5x7, 10x8, 9x12cm 320
FUJI Acros 100 35mm, 120, 5x4, 10x8 100
FUJI Neopan 400 35mm 400
ILFORD Delta 100 35mm, 120, 5x4, 3.5"x4.75" 100
ILFORD Delta 400 35mm, 120 400
ILFORD Delta 3200 35mm, 120 3200
ILFORD Pan F+ 35mm, 120 50
ILFORD FP4+ 35mm, 120, 5x4, other sheet 125
ILFORD HP5+ 35mm, 120, 5x4, other sheet 400
ILFORD XP2 Super 35mm, 120 400
ILFORD Ortho+ 5x4, 10x8, other sheet 80
ILFORD Pan 100 35mm 100
ILFORD Pan 400 35mm 400
ILFORD SFX 200 35mm, 120 200
KENTMERE 400 35mm 400
KENTMERE 100 35mm 100
KODAK Tmax 100 35mm, 120, 5x4, 10x8 100
KODAK Tmax 400 35mm, 120, 5x4, 10x8 400
KODAK Tri X 35mm, 120, 5x4 400
KODAK Tri X 320 5x4 320
KODAK BW 400CN 35mm 400
LOMOGRAPHY Earl Grey 35mm, 120 100
LOMOGRAPHY Lady Grey 35mm, 120 400
LOMOGRAPHY Orca 110 100
LUCKY BW200 35mm 200
LUCKY SHD 100 35mm, 120 100
LUCKY SHD 400 35mm 400
LUCKY SHD 400 CN 35mm 400
NIK & TRICK** FT12 35mm 50
ORWO UN54 35mm 100
ORWO N74 35mm 400
RERA Pan 100 127 100
ROLLEI Retro 80S 35mm, 120 80
ROLLEI Retro 400S 35mm, 120 400
ROLLEI Infrared 35mm, 120, 5x4 400
ROLLEI Ortho 25 35mm, 120, 5x4, 10x8 25
ROLLEI ATP 1.1 120 32
ROLLEI ATO 2.1 120, 5x4, 16.5cmx20cm 15-25
ROLLEI Blackbird 35mm 25
ROLLEI RPX 25 35mm, 120, 5x4 25
ROLLEI RPX 100 35mm, 120, 5x4 100
ROLLEI RPX 400 35mm, 120, 5x4 400
ROLLEI Superpan 35mm, 120 200
SHANGHAI GP3 120, 5x4, 10x8 100
SPUR DSX 35mm 32-64
SVEMA Foto 200 35mm, 120 100
SVEMA FN64 35mm, 120 400

* Manufacturer's box speed. You may wish to rate the film differently for best results.

** Available from


Nick Berger said...

Well done!
That makes 66 b+w films available today?
I guess the correct speeds fot Arista EDU can easily be figured, and will coresspond with to names..
Nice compilation.
Thank you.

MartyNL said...

The film table is looking good Bruce.
Washi Film was a new one for me;

Bruce Robbins said...

Thanks for your help Nick!

Max said...

I am under the impression Neopan 400 is out of production. I am beyond certain Kodak C41 black and white film is out of production.

John Shillaw said...

Thanks for your hard work. Just one correction. I think you'll find that Foma Retropan 320 is not available in 120.

Bruce Robbins said...

Thanks. Now fixed.

Kenny Wood said...

More updates:
Rollei ATO 2.1 available in 10x8, 9.5"x12", 12"x16" and 16"x20".
Rollei Ortho available in 2.25"x3.25", 5"x7" and 12"x16".
available from

Lee said...

Re: comment from Max

Pretty certain Fuji stopped making Neopan 400 a couple of years ago, more's the pity. There's certainly no new rolls here (Tokyo).

(Japanese source)

I too am sure BW400CN has bitten the dust (ahem):

Bruce Robbins said...

Lee and Max,

As far as possible, I've listed films that are still available, i.e. can be bought somewhere, rather than just those that are still being made. No doubt quite a few of the films listed were produced a few years ago and now only exist in deep freeze storage somewhere but as long as they can still be picked up then I think they should be in the table. When stocks run out then I'll remove them.

Lee said...

Fair enough. Your list, your rules :-)

Please keep the articles coming btw, the site is a permanent fixture in my tabs.