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Wednesday, August 26

Available B&W Films

I've had another go at updating the list of black and white films available on the UK/European market. It's a bit of an undertaking trying to keep track of all these emulsions: there's a lot of incestuous behaviour still going on. Do Ilford and Kentmere have a thing going? As for Rollei, that dirty stop-out will go with anybody. Or so it would seem: I could be well off the mark.

Below is the table I've come up with. I've also posted it under the "What Films Are Available" page in the right sidebar under Resources where it will be more easily found. It took me half the night to compile between checking the availability of films and working out how to do a table using the Blogger software platform. Did you notice the colour co-ordinated table cells that match some of the colours found around the blog? They didn't teach Phil Rogers that at art school, you know. I think I've ended up with a thing of beauty. Well, almost.

Anyway, please have a look at it and point out any mistakes with film speeds or whatever that I've made. I've probably missed out a few films as well that are on sale in Kazakhstan or Belize. If so, an email to that effect would be good and I'll update the update.

Manufacturer Brand Format ISO*
ADOX Silvermax 35mm 100
ADOX CHS 100 II 35mm, 120, 5x4 100
ADOX CMS 20 35mm, 120, 5x4 20
AGFA APX 100 35mm 100
AGFA APX 400 35mm 400
FOMA Fomapan 100 35mm, 120, 5x4, 10x8 100
FOMA Fomapan 200 35mm, 120, 200
FOMA Fomapan 400 35mm, 120, 5x4, 10x8 400
FOMA Fomapan Reversal 35mm 100
ILFORD Delta 100 35mm, 120, 5x4 100
ILFORD Delta 400 35mm, 120, 5x4 400
ILFORD Delta 3200 35mm, 120, 5x4 3200
ILFORD Pan F+ 35mm, 120, 5x4 32
ILFORD FP4+ 35mm, 120, 5x4 125
ILFORD HP5+ 35mm, 120, 5x4 400
ILFORD XP2 Super 35mm, 120, 5x4 400
ILFORD Ortho+ 5x4, 10x8 80
ILFORD Pan 100 35mm 100
ILFORD Pan 400 35mm 400
KENTMERE 400 35mm 100
KENTMERE 100 35mm 400
KODAK Tmax 100 35mm, 120, 5x4 100
KODAK Tmax 400 35mm, 120, 5x4 400
KODAK Tri X 35mm, 120, 5x4 400
KODAK BW 400CN 35mm 400
FUJI Acros 100 35mm, 120, 5x4, 10x8 100
FUJI Neopan 400 35mm 400
FUJI Neopan 400 CN 35mm 400
ROLLEI Retro 80S 35mm, 120 80
ROLLEI Retro 400S 35mm, 120 400
ROLLEI Infrared 35mm, 120 400
ROLLEI Ortho 25 35mm, 120, 5x4, 10x8 25
ROLLEI ATP 1.1 120 32
ROLLEI Blackbird 35mm 25
ROLLEI RPX 25 35mm, 120 25
ROLLEI RPX 100 35mm, 120 100
ROLLEI RPX 400 35mm, 120 400
ROLLEI Superpan 35mm, 120 200


Photo Utopia said...

I can see two you're missing Foma Retropan soft and Foma 200 is also in 4x5.
Also do Ilford still make SFX? and what about the Chinese films? Lucky...

Roy Karlsvik said...

Good morning Bruce.
As of what the world market looks like today with the interweb and everything I'm not to sure about the criteria of your nice little list. I mean if it only is supposed to contain films that can be bought in a physical shop or what? Anyway, I just wanted to remind you that there's this new Retropan from Foma that I could get in Norway not too long ago. I recon you can get it all over the place, but we seem to have a good source up here. As more people could also get it from the same source, it's now all gone except you still seem to get it in 135 bulk ( I guess they will produce more to be thrown out some day.

amos said...

Love the table. You should frame it. Isn't ilford Pan f ISO 50?

Michael Carberry said...

Unfortunately the Kodak BW400CN has been discontinued. What's on the shelves is the end of it. Bummer.

tjen dezutter said...

spur dsx iso 32 - 64 ?

Eric Rollo said...

Agree with all the comments so far Bruce this table is really good. Couple of films missing are ORWO Un 54 (100iso) and Orwo N74 (400iso)

Herman Sheephouse said...

It's nice and easy on the eye Bruce - I like it a lot - it looks sort of pleasantly reminiscent if you know what I mean, like the sort of spot ad you'd find in the back of a copy of "Chums" magazine from 1956. It's entirely appropriate for B&W film.
What-ho . . just off to wax my 'tache.

marty said...

Hi, Bruce. Excellent and very useful! For the sake of completeness I would add Kodak XX, it's cine and maybe not very common, but yet it can be used for still photography.


Kenny Wood said...

If you search for films on eBay then Shanghai GP3 ISO 100 in 120 roll film, 5x4 and 10x8 if you can find it, not available in 35mm. It's a bit curly in 120 format but I've found it's no more so than some other films e.g. Rollei.

Fomapan 100, 200 and 400 also available in 5x7, 10x8. source Mr Cad and RK Photographic. Other sizes may be available check out the film data sheets.

Is XP2 available in 5x4? It's not listed by Ilford on their website.

For more sheet film sizes look on, 9x12cm, 13x8cm, 18x24cm, 24x30.5cm (9.5"x12"), 30.5x40.6 (16"x20") and special sizes! I'm loosing the will to live looking for them all:)

Rollei IR film in 5x4. Rollei RPX 100 in 5x4. Rollei RPX 400 in 5x4.

There's also Bergger films available e.g. Bergger pancro 400, check out the site, not to mention their list of special films. Other films available are Agfa CopexRapid 120, Rollei ATO2.1 120,

I hope this helps but it looks like you've opened a can of worms with all the sizes, special orders ULF etc. if you were to include these as well:) enjoy!

Łukasz Jastrzębski said...

Hello Bruce!

I'm afraid it's one of those posts where it'll be needed to do the most stupid thing: define availability, define b&w and define film.

There might have been another batch of Polystar Polypan F hitting the market short while ago. Kodak Double-X is still available. Ferrania released some limited stuff this spring IIRC. There's Impossible Project with their line of b&w and alike instant materials. I'm able to purchase Agfa APX 100 quite cheaply and Lomography with their dozens of films, some of which are b&w or alike. There's also the rebranded world, Bergger BRF 400, some films from Arista (.EDU 100, Ultra 400) and others.

Some minor stuff:
I have Kodak TRI-X 400 Film (400TX) and TRI-X 320 Film (320TXP) available. If you're missing on 320TXP, that's Salgado's choice for medium format material, I think that's quite a recommendation by itself.
Neopan is branded with Fujifilm tag on it, not Fuji.

Greetings from Poland! Cheers!

Fiolfarbrorn said...

Unexpired Shanghai GP3 ISO 100 film is still available. Production has ceased, but for a couple of more years we can shoot it. It can be found on EBay in 120 and 4x5, and sometimes in other sheet film formats.

Richard U said...

In the table you have Kentmere 100 as 400 speed, and Kentmere 400 as 100 speed. I think Adox CHS 100 II is available in quite a selection of sheet film sizes.