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Thursday, July 2


You'll have noticed that I've posted hardly any photographs in recent weeks having had to spend most of my time redecorating our home before putting it on the market. Finally, thank God, it's at an end and I can return to the important things in life - photography and, er, photography.

I had a couple of frames left in a film that had been sitting in a Nikon F90x for a while so I thought I'd take a photograph to celebrate the end of the DIY. I've been painting, sawing, filling, shelving, etc and had a few subjects around the house that would have fitted the bill.

Then I saw the shirt I'd been putting on almost every day for the past five weeks lying crumpled on the bedroom floor and decided to promote it from smelly rag to DIY icon. I'm a somewhat messy painter, it has to be said, and very likely to leave dollops of paint on whatever surface I happen to be passing at that moment.

I also get it all over my hands - hence the white dabs on the front of the shirt where I've been wiping my fingers on a daily basis. It's hanging against our bedroom door, one of about 17 that I've painted. If it looks as if it's a little F.B. (full-bodied), that's because it is. Some would say the F.B. stands for something else and I'm really not in a position to argue.

The funny thing is that I started off hating the decorating and ended up quite enjoying it. Well, to be honest, I enjoyed the last part where there were some jobs to be done involving wood and power tools. There's nothing like the threat of amputation by the crazed, violent blade of a circular saw to get the testosterone flowing.

Next week, I'll feed the M2 and see where my "photographic vision" takes me. But, for now, it's enough that I can sit down and watch Wimbledon without feeling guilty.


Michael Carberry said...

Ah the suspense!!!! I had to wait 'til the penultimate sentence for the Leica reference. :-)

Now that the home project is done can we expect more frequent updates? Hate to admit but I look forward to new posts.

Bruce Robbins said...

The frequency of posting didn't change during the DIY work, Michael. Just the content. I post three times a week but not always on the same days.

Michael Carberry said...

Hmmmmmm..........guess the extreme boredom is getting to me. So what's next anyway?

Herman Sheephouse said...

Well done Bruce - that's you done for the next 20 years then (if you're anything like me).
I know it's been a mental job for you though - here's hoping the house sells quickly and you can find somewhere good to live!
All the best as always.