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Wednesday, June 3

More Positive news from Ilford

Ilford's own Obscura pinhole camera which thrives
on a diet of Harman positive paper.

The much-missed Harman Direct Positive fibre based paper is now back in full production at Ilford's Mobberley factory in England after being off the market for more than a year.

The hiatus was caused by the demise in 2013 of Ilford Imaging Switzerland GMBH (which had no commercial connection to Ilford/Harman), the company that made the emulsion for the positive paper.

Harman management have been working hard to secure access to the emulsion and work out how production might be transferred to Mobberley. A successful trial coating proved that they had overcome any remaining hurdles.

Ilford Photo/Harman's sales and marketing director, Steven Brierley, said, “We have had many enquiries from all over the world asking when and if users would be able to buy the product, so we are now delighted that after the uncertainty of the last 12 months we have finally found a route to bring this product back.”

The paper in question features a high quality, traditional, silver gelatin black and white high contrast emulsion. It comes on a 255g/m2 fibre base with a glossy surface. After exposure the developed print is a positive image without any need for a film negative of inter-negative. This has made it particularly popular with pinhole camera advocates who can expose the paper in their cameras and then produce a print straight away in the darkroom.

Harman Direct Positive FB paper can also be successfully used in other applications such as direct exposure in large format cameras (sheet sizes 4x5in up to 16x20in) or by cutting small sheets for exposure in LOMO type cameras. Creative and unusual effects can be achieved with direct positive paper when used to make photograms or even substituted for standard photo paper when printing from negatives.

Customers should place orders with their usual photo dealer or distributor. Stock is expected to be available in the UK from early July, mainland Europe mid-July, and in North America and the rest of the world from mid-August.

Full details and sizes available can be found at Ilford's website.

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