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Wednesday, June 17

Caution: Graphic Images

I was pleased to see that quite a few people seem to like the more graphic stuff I've been producing lately so I thought I'd post another few pics along those lines. I've included some of my favourite images in this style that I've taken over the last year so.

This post is largely in lieu of some fresh material. I've been hard at work redecorating more or less the entire house and it's left me with hardly any time for hobbies. It's probably been more than two weeks since I had a chance to do some "serious" photography.

I have three films sitting waiting to be developed but I'll not get round to them until the weekend. The good news is that the end of the redecorating is in sight. As you might have read in earlier posts, we're going to be putting our house on the market and this effort is just to get it looking its best.

We've been living in this old Victorian villa for ten years now and the plan is to downsize to a newly-built house to take advantage of better insulation - and so that there's no decorating to be done for years! It's anyone's guess how long it will take to sell the property and I won't have a darkroom again until we're ensconced in our new home - wherever that may be.

We've been looking at a couple of new developments that are just getting off the ground but the earliest we'd be able to move into a new home would be January so a period of rental looks inevitable.

We've grown fond of this small corner of the county of Angus over the past decade but, photographically-speaking, I've done it to death. So I wouldn't mind moving to another part of the country within about a 25-mile radius so that I have some new country to explore.

Anyway, I reckon another few days should have the redecoration done and dusted and then I should be able to get the Leica or OM2n out again for some fresh air. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this wee look back at some graphic images.


DougH said...

I especially like the last one in your series. Very Kenna-ish.

D Ross said...

I think you've found your style. Excellent!

marty said...

Simple and yet very strong and powerful images. I like them so much. Good luck with your new home project.
Cheers, M.

Herman Sheephouse said...

Yeah, as always Bruce, great stuff . . you've definitely got something going on - here's to the next palatial darkroom!
Oh, and is that Nessie's thinner Cousin in the first one?