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Saturday, May 9

Analogue Archives: Kevin MacDonnell

It's been a while since I posted one of Kevin's vintage photography magazine columns. I've been having a look through the PDFs I have of them and there are still some more that I'll post in future and then add to Kevin's appreciation page in the right side bar.

In this column, Kevin is pondering the advances in camera technology in the 1980s as he considers replacing his trusty old Minolta XE-1 with something more modern. It's an X-700 that he ends up trying but is he impressed?

35mm Photography, September 1984

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Jean Marc Schwartz said...

Hi Bruce, i still use a minolta XE7 (US version )it's the other name for the XE1. It's a very brilliant mecanic camera ( made with the leica team just before the R3.) With the rokkor 50 mm 1.4, that's only we need for many situations. In 2015 it's a bargain. I don't want to change because it's a real pleasure to shoot this. Improvement for another one ? DON'T CHANGE THE DREAM TEAM.