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Thursday, April 9

It's ULF time again!

Ilford's annual call for ultra large format photographers to get their orders in for the once-a-year production run of weird and wonderful film sizes seems to have become the main way I have of marking the passage of time.

Every year when the email comes in from the company announcing another custom film bonanza I hear myself saying, "What? Already?" I did it again on Wednesday.

It's the 10th year in a row that Ilford has decided to make a range of specialist products available to analogue photographers and well done to them for keeping it going. Even though it must still, presumably, be worth their while financially, it remains a big commitment.

This year, the company's sales and marketing director Steven Brierley said, “The annual ULF run is now an important part of the year for us, an opportunity for HARMAN to give something back to the world of analogue photography that uses and values our conventional film products.

“Whilst boutique manufacture is not easy, we have been rewarded by increases in sales year-on-year that ensure we will continue to address and care for this market”.

For the 2015 run, FP4 Plus, HP5 Plus and Delta 100 Pro are available but not in all formats. The full range of sizes and participating dealers can be found at Ilford's website. The film options reflect what has been requested over the past 10 years.

HARMAN/Ilford is happy to consider any other size suggestions but can't guarantee to make them available. For some sizes of sheet film, the order level can be as low as one box but that's not possible due to excessive waste when it comes to roll film. The minimums and multiples required are next to the appropriate roll size at the above web link.

Orders must be placed with the listed ULF reseller partners no later than Friday, 12th June and it's likely the UK factory will start shipping them out during August.

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pinkboi said...

I wish they'd do 220 for these runs too.. not just sheet film sizes