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Sunday, March 1

More Good Film News

The Rochester Institute of Technology. (Elizabeth Lamark, RIT)

Although digital has quickly risen to become photography's main image-capture technology, film is far from obsolete, according to the Rochester Institute of Technology.
The school still has 30 darkrooms and these are now proving a draw for new students. Although first year students are no longer required to learn how to use film and a darkroom, they can take film photography classes in their second year and the school is actually adding to those offerings.

Those new to photography might not immediately realise that Rochester was the home of Kodak during its halcyon years.
Last month, six major movie studios signed agreements with Kodak to purchase motion picture film for a few years. Although the precise length of the contracts wasn't revealed, it guarantees that Kodak film will be available for at least the same period.
The full story can be found here at the website of the Rochester City Newspaper.

Thanks to reader Joe Iannandrea for pointing this one out to me.

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