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Wednesday, February 18

Pointing the Way

Just before Christmas I went off on another fruitless search for a Saab 900 (if you don't know already, please see here for why). This pic was the only useful thing I came back with. The car was the all-too-common combination of metal and ferrous oxide that would have cost a fortune to sort out.

The location was Aberdeenshire, a county that I'm really not familiar with. I took the OM2 and 50mm f2 Zuiko along just in case I happened upon something interesting. I'd just started the hour-long drive home in a somewhat disappointed mood when I saw another of the "delta" road signs. Here's one I did earlier. They're actually give-way signs but I like to pretend that it's an arrow pointing at something on the horizon.

The weather was almost as dreich as you see in the picture although I've burned in the edges quite a lot.  In fact, I couldn't be bothered getting out of the car for this one! Half open windows make an excellent camera support when the light is low…

I wonder what a wee collection of six or eight prints of these give way signs, taken at various spots around the countryside, would look like?


Tam said...

It really is that B&W time of year, isn't it? :)

Joe Iannandrea said...

I was really taken by the first shot in your previous post which made me think "Wow, Bruce is really becoming the master of any sort of paved subject matter." Now just to drive it home you follow up with this. Well done sir.

Herman Sheephouse said...

I think they'd look good together Bruce - that's a wonderfully dreich picture with a hell of a lot of atmosphere - hard to believe it was the 50mm.

DavidM said...

I smell a series coming on. Images of the Delta, perhaps. Who would have thought? A small Blurb book, even?

Louis Ross said...

That's really quite a lovely image. I'm very much taken by it.
(Great website, too. Thank you.)
Denise R