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Tuesday, February 10

Analogue Archives: Kevin MacDonnell

We haven't had a Kevin MacDonnell column for a wee while so here's one to keep his small but loyal band of followers happy (we know who we are). In this article from the July, 1982 edition of 35mm Photography magazine, Kevin is preoccupied with Kodak Technical Pan, a film that seems to have just been introduced to the UK market.

Kevin's conclusion is, "…this is a material for photographers with a certain amount of skill and experience who want to get the very best results they can." As far as these document-type films are concerned, there's no change there then!


LesTele said...

Loved the stuff on the 'Glamour Photography' book he reviewed.

"It contains the work of six photographers whose names
It would be unkind to reveal"

It amused me.

Keith Tapscott said...

A pity that Acutol is no longer available. It was a very good versatile film developer and I don't think there is anything else available quite like it.