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Monday, January 19

"Film never died", says the Financial Times

Here's a heartening wee video with a most agreeable message. It's on Youtube where it's had just over 5200 views - not really too many in the grand scheme of these things but it's early days.

Bizarrely, although it's attracted 49 "likes", two people have also seen fit to give it the thumbs down. How mean can you get? Either there are one or two very insecure digital snappers out there who feel threatened by film or the "dislikes" were left by film critics who didn't think much of the production values, plot or characterisation.

Still, it's good to see a mainstream publication giving film a boost - and they don't get much more mainstream than the FT. There are guest appearances from various talking heads from the likes of Silverprint, the Impossible Project and Lomography. All good stuff, really, and a nice start to 2015.

Thanks to David M. for pointing this one out.


Anonymous said...

"Digital snappers"? Wow, so you really HATE digital photography, huh?

Bruce Robbins said...

You must be a liberal.