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Sunday, November 9

Rolleiflex SL66E update

I feared the worst when I lost a tiny piece of metal down a crack at the back of the SL66E's focal plane shutter a couple of weeks back but, hopefully, the financial damage won't be as bad as I'd imagined.

Rollei-trained Brian Mickelboro reckons he should be able to fish out the offending metal sliver for about £60. Since the camera was working fine before my mishap, it should be back to good health once the metal piece has been removed. It jammed the camera but I was very careful not to force anything.

Brian has an excellent reputation for his work on Rolleis and actually gave my SL66E outfit the once-over for MW Classics Cameras from whom I bought it. Nowadays, he's not really looking for too much work but said he'd always be willing to help someone out where a Rollei is involved.

If anyone needs their Rollei serviced or repaired then email me and I'll pass on Brian's details.

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Andrew Lamb said...

Many years ago I owned an SL66 outfit. The 120 backs on it jammed up continuously. I've lost count of the number of times I had to go to see Brian and Dennis to get the camera fixed. In those days days they were based in the same building as MW Classic, Leroy House.

In the end I gave up on the Rollei. I simply couldn't rely on it. Pity because I loved the results I got from it. I think I preferred the results I got from the 80mm Planar over ones I got from similar focal length lenses on the 6000 series. No idea why.