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Monday, October 20

Twelve Small Squares - a new website

David Kirby, one of the splendid chaps at the Film and Darkroom Users group (FADU), has launched a new website, building on the work of his long-standing blog about film photography.

There's lots of film-related goodness on David's website including tutorials that will be useful for beginners as well as more experienced photographers who want to have a bash at the likes of second pass lith printing (wouldn't mind a go at that myself) and f-stop printing. I particularly like his journal.

David's also an accomplished photographer and you can see a gallery or two of his work, almost all shot on his Bronica SQ-A - hence the Twelve Small Squares title of his website. Here are a couple that caught my eye:

In David's own words from his website about his shed darkroom:
Those muffled sounds you hear from the shed are not the sounds of a man struggling to pot plants, nor the sounds of a man searching in earnest for a saw; they are, in fact, the sounds of me making prints. You see, while many photographers sit at their computers editing away for hours on end, i take the alternative approach. I lock myself in my shed with a red light on and I put paper into chemicals.
Bizarre? To some perhaps. In this digital age why go out with a huge, heavy camera loaded with film, shoot some rolls, and then go to all the bother of developing them, setting up an enlarger and spending countless hours making prints? Put simply - if I didn't then I would never produce an image. I am just not the type of person who can sit at a computer for hours adjusting sliders and clicking buttons - I do enough of that at work.
No amount of computer editing can make me feel like what i see on the screen is something which i have made myself. For me, darkroom printing is far more personal. Not that I have anything against digital cameras of course, it's just for some reason shooting film and making prints in the darkroom just makes more sense and comes more naturally to me.
Couldn't have put it any better.


Doug H said...

I also have a Bronica SQ-A, and its become my go to camera. The lens quality are excellent. The square format is very versatile. The modularity is a definite plus: I carry 4 backs with different films so I can handle all situations. And the price is hard to beat.
On the minus side, I've had issues with the lens shutter not opening consistently, which actually turned out to be an issue with the body.
Overall, though, its an excellent choice; and thanks for the link to Kirby's site.

Omar Özenir said...

I've been following David's blog for a while now. It has always been a pleasure to read his posts. Have fun with your new website, David.


david kirby said...

Thanks very much for the write-up Bruce and for the kind comments Omar and Doug.