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Wednesday, September 17

A few more coastal shots

As promised, here are some more photographs off the two rolls of Silvermax I shot last week at the shore along the coast from my home. If you look at the first four of these and the ones in the previous post on the subject you can see a sort of progression as I got ever closer to the tide marker in the distance.

With the sun glaring off the water and slime on the pipe outfall, there's a little bit of veiling flare from the Zuikos which I was able to sort in Lightroom but might be more difficult to deal with under the enlarger.

The first four are all variations on a theme. The last one below was taken a mile or so away. It's got the classic "S" shaped composition which leads the eye into the photo and on to the reflection of the sun on the North Sea.

There are perhaps another couple of shots that I think are worth showing but the two rolls both contain similar-looking images so I won't bore you with more than that. I'll post them in a day or two if they stand up OK to scanning.


MartyNL said...

All lovely shots Bruce and show a nice variation on a theme.

Michael Stevens said...

Very nice pictures indeed Bruce. And I think you're on to a bit of a winner with the Zuiko/Silvermax/Spur combination.