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Wednesday, July 16

New Impossible film

Apart from a spell when I was about fifteen and used a Polaroid camera to photograph my golf swing so I could figure out what was going wrong (never did get to the bottom of that) I've never been too interested in instant snaps.

However, there are some gifted photographers who can use instant film in a very creative way and it's good that the Impossible Group is still producing this type of product following the demise of Polaroid film a few years back.

Their latest product is a black and white instant film pack which features eight sheets all lined with different coloured frames. It's called B&W 600 Hard Color and, as the name implies, is for use with Polaroid 600 type cameras.

The company said, "B&W 600 Hard Color is the latest in a series of Impossible Special and Limited Edition films that offer not just alternatives to a white frame – black, silver, gold, various colors, and even animal skins – but also different colored film emulsions, including cyan, magenta and sepia.

"B&W 600 Hard Color matches frames in rich variants of red, yellow, blue, orange, purple and green with warm, high contrast black and white images. The effect is unexpected but unarguably contemporary."

The new Impossible films have been reformulated under the supervision of its new chief technical officer, Stephen Herchen, who worked with Edwin Land doing a similar job at Polaroid. The company reckons its new products are up there with the best that Polaroid produced.

Impossible said younger people were growing increasingly bored with the "predictable same-ness" of digital colour photography and analogue black and white film-based photography was finding itself in fashion again.

B&W 600 Hard Color is now available for pre-order through the Impossible Online Shop. If you're very quick and order within the next couple of hours you can get a pack for £14, a £3 discount. 

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