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Friday, June 6

Singular Image: Pillbox

I've got quite lot of photographs that never see the light of day because they're single shots and don't fit into a theme. Most of my posts are about something in particular and have a few pics dotted around. I'm going to start posting these single photos from time to time under the title Singular Image.

Here's the first, a shot of the old WWII pillbox that's featured here before once or twice. This was a quick drive-by pic taken a month or so ago on Adox Silvermax with my OM2 and a 35mm Zuiko Konica Hexar AF and 35mm f2 Hexanon (just checked the negs and there's the little telltale peak extending beyond the 24mmx36mm boundary signifying the AF). I burned the sky in quite a bit to add some extra atmosphere.

I can't resist this pillbox and have various shots of it from different angles. I normally try to take a telephoto shot from the roadside looking slightly down on the building. This time I approached it from a different angle - through a gate and a path instead of yomping across a soaking wet field like I used to do before discovering there was an easier access…

The thing that appealed to me on this occasion was the cloud formation above the pillbox. It almost looks like it's smoke belching from the roof of the building as if it were a giant chimney.

Wonder how long it will be before the farmer decides that the building is in the way and the bulldozer makes an appearance…

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Justin Renault said...

I love the depth of this photograph. The pillbox is a great subject, but I also find the super sharp and multi toned grass in the foreground to be quite striking, giving a real sense of depth to the scene.

Gil said...

Great photo!! As Justin said, it has a great depth.

BTW: I really like your blog, great work!

Stefan said...

I'm following your blog since some time now and very much enjoy reading it. Many thanks!
I also enjoy the deapth and the tonality of the scene a lot.

As I'm due to buy some new B&W film and I'm still a beginner I was wondering if can shortly provide your experience with Silvermax in comparison to CHS 100 Art? (I know I should stay with one film..., but I really like to try different ones...)

Bruce Robbins said...

Thanks for the comments! WRT to Silvermax, I've no immediate plans to compare it with CHS. Reviewing stuff seems to be a mug's game to me. So many people are likely to be offended by a review that doesn't meet their scientific expectations and just love to tell you where you've fallen short, as if they've had to pay to read it and want their money back. There are a lot of nasty, unappreciative folk out there!