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Tuesday, May 6

There's a Filmosaur in all of us...

If you're anything like me, you'll spend far too much time trawling the internet looking for new film and darkroom related websites to read. Far be it from me to turn you away from this endeavour so here's another interesting blog - Filmosaur - that you might not have seen.

If you like to read about people using old and not particularly fancy cameras to capture the world around them then you'll probably enjoy this website. I think all analogue photographers must feel a bit like a filmosaur from time to time...

From the Filmosaur blog:

Meet The Camera: Voigtlander Perkeo II


When Christmas rolls around, it is not terribly surprising that the gifts so generously directed to me might include things photographic. In addition to an ample stock of film and several books on the subject, I received a very handy little camera: a Voigtländer Perkeo II.

For those unfamiliar, this is a medium format folder producing a 6×6 negative; nothing unusual in this – there were many such folding cameras produced in the 1950s. What is noteworthy right off the bat, however, is the size of the thing: put simply, it’s downright tiny. It is barely larger than its contemporary 35mm cousin, the Voigtländer Vito, especially when folded.

Click here to read the rest on the Filmosaur blog...

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Regular Rod said...

Very good cameras and the lack of rangefinder is no problem if you carry a human rangefinder business card that you can generate, for your own arm length and eyes position and each camera that you want to find distances for, using this freebie


Bruce Robbins said...

Thanks for that link, Rod. Quite a simple but brilliant idea.

Omar Özenir said...

Thanks for the link, Bruce.

I quite like this statement in the About section:
"Your Humble Filmosaur is, as one might expect, a bit of a Luddite (look it up, junior). Yet he is not entirely opposed to technology, but simply opposed to technology for the sake of technology. He recognizes that there are things that technology improves, and things that it ruins."

Anonymous said...

Glad you enjoyed the ramblings. I haven't been publishing quite as much as I would prefer lately, but reality sometimes proves a tremendous inconvenience.

You do nice work over here - I'll be putting a link to your blog on my site shortly. Thanks very much for posting the link for your readers.


-Yr Hmble Filmosaur

Bruce Robbins said...

We film bloggers need to stick together!