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Thursday, May 22

Mod 54 Drying Rack

The maker of the Mod 54 5x4 sheet holder that fits in a Paterson developing tank has now turned his attention to the drying side of things and come up with a hand-made rack that can accommodate up to 18 sheets depending on the model.

The brushed stainless steel rack comes in three types for 35mm, 120 and sheet film up to 10x8. Unlike the sheet film holder for developing, which I've always though is overpriced for what looks like a simple piece of injection moulded plastic, the drying rack represents real value for money at £25 plus postage.

Given that each rack is made specially by Morgan O'Donovan, I reckon that's a very good price. The big question then isn't whether it's worth the money but whether you actually need one. Personally, I only ever develop a few sheets of 5x4 at time and something like this would be overkill.

There was a time when I'd save up rolls of 35mm or 120 and develop six at one go but those days are long gone. I'm too keen now to see what's on the film to delay the processing so two rolls, usually shot on the same day, are as many as I need to dry at any one time and I hang them on film clips from the cord that goes across the ceiling in my darkroom that I use to switch the room light on and off.

However, if you batter through roll after roll of film or can afford to expose a dozen sheets of 5x4 in one outing then this compact, space-saving rack might be a real boon.

Morgan's Ebay Buy It Now sale for the sheet version can be found here.


Jan Moren said...

I use a metal clothes drying rack — the small kind for underwear and stuff that you hang off the shower curtain — I got from a 100 yen shop for drying my film. This seems to almost copy the designs from those racks. Doesn't seem to copy the price, though :)

Herman Sheephouse said...

Have you ever processed a dozen sheets of 5x4 at one time? No, me neither - four at a time maximum . . however it is a decent piece of equipment for the price - hope he sells a lot of them . . though does anyone use 5x4 anymore???

Nasir said...

I process 6 sheets of 5x4 at a time in a MOD54 spiral but never more than that in one go. Last weekend I shot all 6 sheets in the space of less than an hour at an athletics competition. It was fun :-)

Joe Iannandrea said...

Nasir said...
"Last weekend I shot all 6 sheets in the space of less than an hour at an athletics competition."

LF for sports photography... I salute you sir!