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Thursday, May 8

Another sinner repents...

Pawleys Pier. M7 Elmarit 28, Rollei IR400 film in Rodinal at 1:50,
240 second exposure. Photo by Mark Hilliard.

Enthusiasm for his subject is a great thing for a blogger to have and I enjoyed reading this post by Mark Hilliard, a predominantly digital shooter who has recently returned to film. It's a post about his joy at coming home to film again and starts with the words, "Oh my, I do NOT know where it came from but I got the BUG again for more film photography!"

It ends with, "I have spent fortunes on digital and have loved every moment of it. Film will NOT take any of that away, I still have digital and continue to use it. But I have to be honest and admit that working in film again fills me with a sense of peace that I have not experienced in a very long time…"

In between Mark describes his journey. It's a good post to show someone you know who uses digital but is considering a go at film. I don't know about you but I love it when a sinner repents - a journey I know only too well myself!

Mark's a skilled photographer and illustrates the post with some lovely pics. You can read what he says here.


Ksenija Spanec said...

"working in film again fills me with a sense of peace"...that's the point, for me too

Paul Glover said...

That sense of "peace" is it for me also. Taking my time and crafting something properly, even if that means I make one decent final print every month.

That, and after 40 hours of wrangling bits and bytes for a living, the absolute last thing I want to spend time doing is sitting at a computer.

Bruce Robbins said...

Hi Paul,
Does anyone really need to produce more than, say, ten or twelve really fine prints a year - your one a month? We can all manage that. Guess I need to make a start!

Paul Glover said...

I don't know that they do. If I look critically at the negatives I've exposed, 117 rolls of black and white since 2009, I can pick out at most a few dozen frames I'd seriously want to make a larger size print from. That I'd be proud to exhibit.

I used to try to keep a rate of one finished photo uploaded per day, and now I look at some of the stuff I did and think "sure it's decent enough, but it isn't *special* and I wouldn't make a print of it now". Had I only been so choosy from the start... Switching to wet printing has made me a rather better editor for sure.