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Friday, May 23

Analogue Archives: Kevin MacDonnell

Special thanks for the scan of this latest epistle go to reader Kenny Wood who very kindly sent me PDF files of more than a few articles from my favourite columnist. I know from the feedback I get that a lot of you enjoy reading Kevin's columns and Kenny has made it possible for me to keep posting these articles for a good while yet. If anyone else can provide scans of Kevin's columns - there must be lots of material still out there as he wrote regular columns for many years - please email me.

In this post, Kevin kicks off by wondering why amateur photographers can never seem to find things to photograph in this country but have an over-active shutter finger when on holiday overseas. This struck a chord with me as I constantly seem to find myself saying much the same thing to anyone who'll listen.

Sometimes I really do feel as if I've photographed everything there is to photograph in my neck of the woods over and over again, to the point where I think you must be getting fed up seeing many of these images!

I think this is why some of us have a tendency to chop and change equipment so much. Having a new camera or a new format gives us an excuse to re-photograph subjects that we've already done to death with the existing camera gear.

Anyway, Kevin's point is that there is plenty out there if we just go looking for it. A good lesson for all photographers I suppose.

35mm Photography Magazine
August, 1984

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Scott said...

A good read, and will be interested in seeing more of his work. Enjoying a great deal, your efforts as well, keep it up! Have a happy weekend!