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Tuesday, April 29

Bloody Cheek!

Here's one American student's view when he signed up for what he thought was a digital photography course only to discover it was film-based:

"I thought it was a downer, I thought, 'What is this old people stuff?'" Arden Coleman said. The story appeared in a US newspaper, the Hartford Courant, that had a similar opinion about our craft.

The writer of the article, describing the students' reactions, said, "...those classes in what is considered archaic, obsolete technology instead inspired a new appreciation for photography for the students."

Give Arden his dues, though, because he overcame the shock to find out what we already know: there's nothing like film..

Arden is a pupil at Avon Old Farms School in Connecticut and this was his introduction to analogue photography. He said, "When you first see a photo developing it's magic, it just appears."

You can read the whole story here. It's interesting because it confirms two things. The first is that film is seen by younger people as archaic, bizarre though that may seem to those of us who knew nothing else for many a decade. And secondly, once people get to try film and darkroom work they usually love it.

So our mission is clear: make it seem exciting and encourage as many young people as possible to give it a go.


Aubrey Silvertooth said...

I have a go worker who worked with film for many years. He was an early convert to digital and has "never looked back." Until the other day. I showed a working 11 x 14 print of a windmill using an fifty year old medium format camera. He was amazed at the quality. The next time I saw him, he had sent s big box of slides and negative for scanning. It is a start! Thanks for sharing!

Bruce Robbins said...

Good story, Aubrey. There will be more joy in heaven with the repentance of that one sinner. :)

Herman Sheephouse said...

Actually Bruce - having had a convo with a lecturer at Duncan Of Jordanstone, film is considered very cool by young students, however there is no support network for them!
I've thought about a 'Field Of Dreams'-style photographic thing for Dundee for years . . would love to get it off the ground!

peter said...

I've just finished helping a 26 year old canadian friend develop 10 rolls of Kodak TriX from his European tour. You should have seen his face when he saw his images clear in the fixer. I'm 53 and learnt at school back in the 70's. Too many darkrooms are closing in schools. Film is coming back and its up to us older ones to pass our knowledge on.
Many thanks Bruce for an interesting website. Keep it going. Did private email you but no reply, Did you ever receive it. Have you an email I can contact you on?

Bruce Robbins said...

I can't find your email anywhere, Peter. It was maybe eaten up by the spam filter. I've added an email contact at the top of the left hand column, something I should have done a while back but forgot all about so thanks for giving me a push. :)