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Wednesday, March 12

Thanks for the Great Feedback!

Many thanks for the thoughtful comments re The Online Darkroom shop. You certainly gave me food for thought and I've been pondering what to do the last couple of days.

It's obvious that everyone would like the lowest possible postage but the feeling seems to be that a cart would be an important part of the shop, mainly to catch impulse buyers or people who might be put off having to email an order.

So it looks as if the best way to proceed would be to set up a shopping cart system with two levels of shipping - one for small orders and another for everything else.

I'll also write something on the shipping page to the effect that if you are happy to email an order and can pick the parcel up from your local UPS agent then it will most likely be possible to offer a saving on shipping costs.

That combination should cater for all tastes. If you're in a rush you can complete the order there and then. If you've got a bit more time then there's a saving to be made. In all cases, the payment, initially at least, will be by PayPal. I'll look at other options once I have an idea of how it's all working out.

One of the best bits about the blog this year has been the number of comments I've been getting to many posts. I've said it before and probably will again but comments are really important to bloggers. It's nice to know that someone is reading the content and taking the time to engage.

It takes a while to build up a level of readership where people are happy to respond and I feel I've got that now. It's particularly important where there's something that I need to work out - like this shipping business. Your comments were genuinely useful and I was impressed by the level of detail that some readers left.

Now that it's clear what I should be doing I'll get to work on finalising everything. Hopefully it will all go smoothly enough but I know that, if there are any cock-ups, I'll be able to rely on some valuable input from you to help me put it right.

* There were a couple of questions in the comments that I thought it would be easier to answer here. Jan Moren asked if I'd be willing to send Spur products to Japan. The short answer is I'd be happy to providing there's no regulation against it and the shipping would be at a level you'd be comfortable with. The same goes for other countries.

Dave asked if Spur do a dev suitable for Adox CMS 20. I'll need to check with Heribert Schain of Spur but I believe it may have been Spur who devised the Adotech developer that's Adox's recommended brew for CMS 20. Whether Spur actually market their own version of this developer I don't know but I think they have a developer for document-type films. What I do know is that it's not amongst the initial batch of developers I've received from Spur. If there was sufficient demand, I'd be happy to stock it.

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Anita Schain said...

Hi Bruce

You're right in that SPUR are indeed behind Adotech II. Though in fact we don't market an own version of it, Adotech was inspired by our flagship developer SPUR Orthopan UR New, which is indeed the original, and most likely the best brew for the pictorial development of microfilms such as Adox CMS 20, having the added benefit over Adotech that it can be used to control gradation. It's a 2component brew so gradation can be controlled by varying developing time, but surprisingly enough also by choosing different dilutions of the 2 concentrate components, and varying agitation. This stuff is great for flawless results (35 mm as well as medium format) if you really want to see A LOT of detail. Here's an example photo

Anita Schain