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Thursday, February 13

T.O.D. Closing for Maintenance

Just a quick post to say that I have to close this website to readers for a couple of hours tonight so I can do a little development work. It'll effectively be offline between 8pm and 10pm GMT.

The work involves setting up a shopping cart system for the Spur products I'll soon be selling. This is something I've never done before and I might have to close for a couple of hours over the weekend as well if it takes longer than I anticipate.

I'll be starting this venture in a quite modest fashion until I get an idea of demand for Spur film and paper developers. Effectively, my future is in your hands - a scary thought for us all! :)


James Whinfrey said...

Interesting news Bruce.

I've become a fan of Acurol-N over the last year and I'm looking forward to trying some other SPUR developers.

I've been buying from Maco and the delivery is expensive unless you're placing a big order. I also find their product listings for SPUR confusing: as you've noted before, SPUR don't help matters with their naming.

It'd be fun to try the high contrast developer, which Maco don't seem to stock.


Tim Fitzwater said...

I like the T.O.D. abbreviation. I'm going to start using it to annoy my girlfriend when I'm forcing her to listen to me nerd out on photography.
For example, "check out this print, I used a technique I learned from T.O.D."