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Tuesday, January 14

There are Speed Graphics and SPEED Graphics!

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A 5x4 press camera with an f0.95 lens? Wonder how Weegee would have managed with this beast?

This unusual package is for sale on Ebay at the moment. Its Belgrade owner is kicking off the auction with a $1,599 starting price.

It's claimed the lens covers the format with some fall-off in the corners and is reckoned to be a Double Gauss design. Although the lens has a custom made external front aperture attachment, if you use it wide open at its closest focus of 2 feet you can enjoy depth of field of just 3mm or so.

All well and good but what we want to know is, "What's the bokeh like?"

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1 comment :

marty said...

Hi Bruce.
You would have less problems to focus in low light with that thing :-)))). Ok, it 's a cool object but how practical would be for everyday photography? Probably impossible to hand held, and that alone would defeat the point of using a Graflex most of the time, than messing around with an external iris attachment? When I look at the price, finally, there is no way I can think to justify the expense, not even the bokeh:-))))))))))))).

Cheers, M.