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Friday, December 13

Long Live Film

Here's an excellent documentary film that everyone should show their digital friends. Sponsored by Kodak, it features lots of young, trendy photographers explaining why they like film so much. These are the sort of characters who might have a broader appeal for younger digital shooters than a bunch of crusty old farts like me and, I suspect, many readers!

My only complaint is that the players in the film would be speechless if you removed the word "like" from their vocabularies - as in "it's, like, awesome". Actually, that's not my only complaint. I also hate the way of speaking that ends just about every sentence in the interrogative with an upward inflexion. Does my head in. See what I mean about crusty old fart? :-)


John Carter said...

I watched this a few weeks ago. All I can say is I'm sorry. The US education system has devolved to the point where I can't understand an American educated young person. Maybe it is the same in Scotland. But I hope this isn't the case.

But film still has an allure to many, even if they can express themselves.


It's pretty much the same wherever English is spoken, John. Harmless enough but it bugs the life out of me!

Jon Porter said...

I just figure the world we're born into isn't the world we'll exit. Still, the enthusiasm the young folks in the video have for film is infectious. And one of their comments made me realize how much "Contax" sounds like "contacts." You need "context" to know the difference in a conversation!

Kevin Mayo said...

This best piece of news in the whole film it that film sales are up since 2009.