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Monday, November 25

Why I like winter

It's just a quick shot* out the bathroom window but it shows what I love about photographing in winter. In summer, those trees are heavily clothed in leaves and you can't see the sky beyond. At this time of year, however, you can see the tracery of branches silhouetted against the evening light.

It's the same out in the countryside - but more so. That's why I do most of my photography during the winter months and spend a lot of time looking for similar scenes. Summer is better spent printing in the darkroom. OK, that's the reverse of the way most people see the seasons but each to their own.

* Digital alert. D700, 28-105mm Nikkor. 


Paul Glover said...

Some of my own favorite photographs were taken not only in winter, but on bleah, dreary, snowy damp days.

Most people view those as the sort of conditions you wouldn't bother photographing in. I view them as an opportunity to make photographs most people won't bother to.

Plus it looks lovely in B&W!

Herman Sheephouse said...

Nice picture Bruce. I like Winter too and have some cracking shots of mist, more mist . .and er . . mist. However, unlike you, I prefer Summer mornings when you can drag the big cameras around without attracting much attention. Winter is for printing!