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Wednesday, July 31

Ilford Photo not affected by Swiss firm's demise

HARMAN technology Limited and its portfolio of brands including the ILFORD PHOTO Range is not connected to ILFORD Imaging Switzerland GmbH who have been reportedly declared bankrupt.

Peter Elton, managing director at HARMAN technology Limited, based in Cheshire, said:
“Although I’m saddened to learn of the difficulties faced by ILFORD Imaging Switzerland GmbH, I can confirm that HARMAN technology Limited, based in the UK, is in no way commercially connected to this business.
“Any developments at ILFORD Imaging Switzerland GmbH will have no impact on HARMAN technology Limited and its products and services. We remain committed to providing traditional black and white ILFORD PHOTO products and our business continues to thrive.
“I can report that HARMAN technology Limited is in excellent financial health with exciting plans in place to enable us to continue achieving our ambitious growth targets.”

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Jan Moren said...

I have to say I'm very happy with hearing "is in excellent health" as they're my go-to maker for all my bw films and some developers nowadays.


I agree Jan. If film eventually disappears, I think Ilford will be the last man standing.

Neal said...

I'm quite tempted to switch completely to Ilford myself, some of their films are fantastic.. but I should be putting my money into a company that actually still believes in film. unlike the others.

Fuji seem to hate film photographers, Kodak well... who knows how that little story will end.

I think I need to shoot more delta to get used to it, I've used it a few times and it was nice, but it's just no Neopan Acros. hrm.


What in particular is it you like about Acros, Neal?

Eddie Butt said...

There's always been some confusion between Harman and the Ilford film / paper companies.

I'm definitely an Ilford film and paper supporter. I've had the occasional try-out with some Kodak and Fuji options in the past 30-odd years (speaking strictly of B&W here) but I always seem to come back to Ilford's products.

FP4+ and Perceptol has given me some beautiful smooth, fine-grained results. The same film with ID-11 is an everyday choice when the light's good. When it drops a bit, move to HP5+ and ID-ll or Microphen for the black cat in a coal cellar shot and I'm a happy bunny!

I'm an old fuddy-duddy who hasn't even moved on to Delta yet (need to keep something for my really really old age)...

Strength to Ilford - long may they last!