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Friday, July 26

A Tale of Three Leicas

Towards The Mittens - Monument Valley Sept 2012

Leica M4 Voigtlander 21mm f4 Ilford FP4+

On the basis that you can never have too much photographic material to read, I'm happy to report that a fellow Scot, Eddie Butt, has provided us with yet another way to avoid doing any real work. Eddie has a new blog with the same title as this post (he thought of it first, obviously!) which features his writing and photography in the company of a trio of German-made cameras you may have heard of.

Eddie hails from Lanarkshire, Scotland's industrial heartland, but his photography centres round his travels across the world. I'm not sure where he'll be taking us in future but his first five posts are of Monument Valley and Rome and that's a good start.

Like many of us, he ended up with quite a collection of camera gear but recently traded it all in for an M4, an M6 and an M9. We'll forgive him the last tool provided it stays in the camera bag.

He says, "I still use film, but I've recently re-entered the digital world with the M9 after a not-very-inspiring first attempt with a Nikon DSLR. So far, the M9 is holding my interest, but not to the extent that that it's going to make me give up film."

Eddie's a reader of The Online Darkroom and I know from personal experience that he's a generous guy - he offered me a free De Vere 504 but we managed to find a more deserving home for it. His blog's a great read so please make sure you add another film blog to your bookmarks - and remember, as here, to leave a comment!


Michael Østergaard Johansen said...

Cool - thanks for sharing

Omar Özenir said...

Thanks for introducing Eddie's blog. I'm sure I'll be a frequent visitor (loved the Phone Bill part!).


Eddie - you're a really good writer and funny too!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link, Bruce. I attempted to leave a comment but "my open ID could not be verified"??


Anonymous said...

Any idea how to post to Eddie's website?



Hi Mike,
Go to the end of one of Eddie's posts, look for the red writing that says "no comments", "1 comment", etc and click on that.

Anonymous said...

Tried that, Bruce, but I have to select a profile - which I don't have, or want. I can't be "anonymous" as on your site.



It does look as if you'll have to get a profile of some sort to comment, Mike. Why not just make up a false profile if you want to remain anonymous? I can appreciate it if you want to keep your internet footprint to a minimum. It would be better for all of us if we made life harder for all the government agencies, marketeers, spybots, etc.

Eddie Butt said...

Hi Bruce - and Posters!

Thanks for the free publicity Bruce - much appreciated.

I'm having a few days in York (Old, not New) and then the Lake District before getting back home next weekend. Only just found a wi-fi (obviously not a Viking specialty, so a bit scarce in these parts).

Not sure why comments can't be left with an open ID - I'll check with somebody with better IT skills than me (that's a pretty big list) and see if there's anything I can do.

Thanks again Bruce - keep bloggin'



Anonymous said...

It would appear that Eddie has now tampered with the settings and his blog now accepts anonymous comments... So comment away!

John Carter said...

Thanks, I enjoy people like you two, except for the M-9. Not that I don't like the M-9, but I don't want too much gear talk in my life.


Hi John,

I could probably find out where Eddie lives so if the M9 becomes too prominent we can always rustle up a lynch mob.

Antonio Aparicio said...

Bookmarked. Interesting reading...

Eddie Butt said...


The lynch mob might have to travel on the M9 to get to me... (Scottish motorway quip, there).

Unless they travel up from the south - then it's the M6 (English motorway quip- equal opportunities and all that stuff).

Coming from Wales, it would be the M4 (can't leave them out).

Gear talk isn't really my thing - and it would take quite a digital camera to lever me out of the darkroom...