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Sunday, April 7

Another Day, Another Darkroom - Part Two

Here's where I'm at right now - not a lot of progress from the first post. It's the Easter holiday and I can't find the time to spend on important matters because of the demands of family! I've fixed the 500mm drawer unit to the far corner and that's where the Durst will be remaining. The enlarger head hits the sloping ceiling before it reaches the top of the column but that would only be a problem when making giant prints - not something I'll be doing.

It's a solid platform for what is a very heavy enlarger but I'm going to fix a bracket to the wall and tie in the top of the column as well for extra rigidity. The 500mm unit at the bottom left of the frame is where the V35 will be going.

You can see the Leitz poking is pretty little head out from beneath the 400mm wide worktop between the two enlarger stations. It's occupying the space where I'll be sitting when footering with cameras, reading, doing repairs or spotting prints. Either side of the kneehole will be open shelves for storing the paraphernalia associated with the darkroom such as measuring cylinders and jugs, dev tanks, thermometer, chemicals, etc.

The next step is to fix the V35 unit to the wall, cut the MDF for the shelves and screw everything together. Then I'll turn my attention to the other side of the darkroom.


Jan Moren said...

I've struggled (so far unsuccessfully) to make any kind of darkroom at home, and have played with a lot of possibilities.

Have you considered mounting the large enlarger horizontally? Mount the easel on a short wall, and the head on a rail along the floor, ceiling or long-side wall. You'd liberate one surface for other things, have plenty of clearance for raising the head as far as you want, and could make literal wall-sized prints if you wanted.

Stefan Czemerys said...

You're making good progress Bruce. I have a similar problem with my De Vere 203. There isn't enough room for full extension of the varicon head. I have convinced myself I won't be doing huge enlargements. My darkroom is a converted spare kitchen so at least I have a sink with water.