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Sunday, March 24


Quick update: I've got 22 followers already! Thanks to those of you who have responded so far. Please help to get the word out about this website, film and darkroom practices.

Yes, folks, I'm going to be Tweeting. For those of you who don't like all this social networking I have this to say - I'm in complete agreement with you. I love computers, I love the internet but Facebook and Twitter well, until now, I could see them far enough.

And yet, the goal of this blog is to promote film and darkroom work as widely as possible with the not entirely unselfish aim of keeping traditional silver-based materials around as long as possible. I know you all share that desire so I hope you'll excuse me the odd Tweet. How odd we'll just have to wait and see.

Some of you might be disappointed but I wont be saying what I had for breakfast or what colour my new underpants are. I'm not even going to say anything nasty about Obama, Cameron, eco-loons or the Scotland football team. I will, however, throw the occasional photography-related thought your way in the hope that it might be repeated (or is that re-Tweeted?) by your good selves. And there will no doubt be an Iphone or Ipad pic or two. Of course, as I understand it, Tweeting is supposed to encourage a conversation of sorts so please don't be shy.

The eagle-eyed will have noticed a little Tweet button at the top of the right-hand column. The idea, I believe, is that you can click it to bring up your Tweeting app or whatever and immediately Tweet about what a great photography post you've just read. (Probably one of Omar's. Haha). That's what I hope will happen but I'm entirely in your hands on this one.

For those of you who fancy "following" me (I'm being schooled in the ways of Twitter by my 13-year-old daughter, Freya), the important bit you need to know is in the headline of this post: @DarkroomOnline. Hope to see and hear from you wherever Tweeting takes place.


Anonymous said...

Grrr! Looks as if immediate comment moderation should be restored (see comment number 1). I know it's a pain in the arse, but faithful followers and commenters with integrity will understand, I'm sure.


I think you're right Martyn - thanks for alerting me to it. I've removed the offending comment and I think I'll have to start moderating all comments. You should see the number of bogus comments the spam filter picks up and all those made to older posts that come up for moderation.

John said...

Just found your blog. Most of my recent posts have been with digital, but I do a lot of 35mm mono, but I gave up on the darkroom many decades ago. I use a mass of different old cameras, and hope soon to get back to more film work. Off to Galapagos in a couple of weeks, and that will be mostly digital, don't think I could afford thousands of shots on film! Digital has it's place in the world today, but there is something about old rangefinders that digital compacts just can't replicate.

Anonymous said...

I won't theerd you, but I check into your blog almost everyday. I really like it.

Thanks, John Carter

morris1800 said...

Hi Bruce have seen that you set up a group on flicker for online darkroom followers. Do you consider this an active group as this was done some months ago with no activity since. It is set up as invitation only.A great area for followers of this site to share their work and ideas.Is it active or retired ?
Andy N


Hi Andy,

I set that up with the idea of encouraging followers of this blog to post examples of the stuff they're doing so we can all see what everyone else is up to and maybe get some ideas/inspiration. As you've seen, though, I never took it any further. It was invitation only as some of these Flickr groups can get a bit out of hand. If you think there's some mileage in it I might go ahead with it.

morris1800 said...

Hi Bruce I think its worth doing.I recently got my darkroom up and running, doing lith prints, paper negatives,cynotypes and currently I am a member of many flicker groups and make a point of posting my prints in camera groups , i.e if shot on Rollei or Leica for example to introduce to those camera owners, who may love film, the variety of things that can be done in the darkroom.Spreading the word so to speak. A great site for stimulating ideas. Also for those without their own web pages they can blog on here with links to examples of their work. For free ! ...
Andy N