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Sunday, December 23

George Harrison's Pentax fails to achieve valuation

I'm a bit late with this having flagged it up at the end of last month but, just for the sake of completeness, the late Beatle's black S1a just failed to make the £5000 estimate placed on it by auctioneers Bonhams when it went under the hammer on December 12.

The lot, which included a 35mm f3.5 Super Takumar and clip on meter, was expected to make £5000-£6000.

I recently picked up a similar black Pentax SV for £15. Scary to think how much mere celebrity ownership can add to the value of something. Any famous celebrities out there want to rent my SV for a while, say six months, and we'll split the auction proceeds?

I'm not likely to have much time for blogging between now and Christmas so the compliments of the season to everyone who takes the trouble to drop by and read my ramblings and the excellent output from my Istanbul collaborator Omar Ozenir who, I believe, may be working on another translation of his Turkish Delight as we speak.

Merry Christmas!


Bokeh said...

Keep going, it is a delight to read you. Merry Christmas!

Bokeh said...

BTW, it is almost a relief to hear that the Pentax owned by Harrisson did not reach the "minimum" required for an anction. 5000 or 6000 pounds, wait a minute !

Benny Hart said...

I was given a mint SV. The Takumar 50f1.4 fm 1964 tested out as good or better than a 50f2 Summicron on a.n M6