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Wednesday, September 12

How it should be done!

Regular readers will know I set up this blog with a view to scanning actual darkroom prints rather than negatives. For a few reasons that I've documented often enough, that hasn't happened yet. However, if you have some time to spare, please take a look at the blog of Turkish photographer, Omar Özenir. He's doing exactly what I wanted to - and doing it very well.

If you speak Turkish, you'll get on fine reading Omar's posts. If not, then you'll just have to look at the pictures - print scans and scans of the actual negatives showing them in negative form - along with the occasional printing diagram. Omar's effort deserves to be rewarded. This is what it's all about and it's got me all fired up.

I've taken the liberty of posting one of Omar's images from his website in the hope that he'll be OK with that. Omar's site is one of those that sends readers my way due to the link this site gets in his blogroll. Omar, if there's any problem with the photograph just let me know and I'll take it down straight away.


Neal said...

that one goes straight into my feed reader. and thanks to google translate it reads fine in english.

Omar Özenir hakkında said...

Hi Bruce, this post of yours comes as a nice surprise this morning! Thank you.

I stumbled upon your blog in APUG and liked it enough to link it :)

I'm deliberately writing the blog in Turkish, as I try to make it as useful and interesting as possible to Turkish photographers in particular (some of whom otherwise might be hampered by the language barrier). And google translate seems to be doing an OK job, so all is fine.

Good luck with re-installing your darkroom. I'm looking forward to seeing the results.



Thanks for stopping by, Omar. I think your website is brilliant and has leapt to the top of the list of those I like to visit. I hope a lot of my readers follow my advice and pay you a visit. They're in for a treat and Google translate does a decent job of making it readable for English speakers. It's not just your darkroom work that's great: your photographs are very impressive as well.

Omar Özenir hakkında said...

Hello again,

I just tried to read it in English via google translate for the first time...well, the translation is funny, and I'm being polite here :)

Anyway, thanks a lot for the compliments. I'm having a good time reading your blog as well.


twelvesmallsquares said...

love both this blog and omars blog now - thanks to you both for keeping on dishing out the info on the darkroom


With Google Translate you can get a rough idea of what is being said but I find that there are some passages that I can't get to make sense no matter how I look at them!

Gary said...

Omars photos are amazing! And there's a weird poetry to the Google "translation." I can't tell if it's Omar's sense of humour, or if its a translation thing. Luckily, the pictures speak very well for themselves.


Hi Gary,

I think Omar finds it funny as well at times. I've asked him if he'll translate one or two of his posts into English and if he's agreeable I'll post them here. I get the impression from Google Translate that there's a lot of very good information in Omar's posts which people will find interesting and entertaining.