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Saturday, September 29

Allotment Four

Last instalment of the allotment series - for the time being! The second pic is probably more interesting to me than you. The big building in the background is the print works of D.C. Thomson, the company I worked with for 32 years. I think it was the 50mm f1.4 Planar for the first, second and last pics and the 28mm Distagon for the third. The film used was Agfa APX100 developed in Rodinal 1+50.

I love spending an hour or two wandering about these gardens and there are other allotments in my area that I haven't explored yet so there's every chance I'll return to this subject at some point in the future. You can't say you haven't been warned...


Steve Weston said...

Hi Bruce. I like the last one of the tap especially with the drip coming of the handle rather than the spout. My preference would be to perhaps crop the left side a bit to remove the dark area which I find a little distracting.
APX 100 use to be my mainstay film especially for portraiture. Dev'd in Pyro PMK I had some lovely results from this combo.



I've never tried Pyro, Steve. Read a lot about it and seen some great results though. Just now I'm trying to simplify everything with the same ISO for 35mm and 120, Rodinal and D76 and Multigrade IV. I'll maybe get round to it sometime.

Al Denholm said...

The shot of the tap is excellent,nice work Bruce