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Wednesday, August 15

Bountiful gardens...

Hope you like allotments! I've realised that I've built up quite a number of images of these gardens in Old Craigie Road in Dundee. They were made during two separate visits when the weather was very similar - overcast and a little damp. Knowing what to do with them is the problem. I'll probably print a couple but I don't want to just file the other negatives away, never to see the light of day again.

On the basis that some people have a particular interest in community allotments - university papers have been written about them and they're popular with local historians - I think I'll gather them all together and make a separate page for them where they can be accessed from the right hand "Articles" column. Hopefully, they should be "findable" through the usual search engines.

So, if allotments are your thing, you'll be glad to know that I've got enough pics for another couple of posts in addition to this one. If you don't like allotments, well, what can I say. Sorry?


Eric the Snapper said...

Allotment images are OK with me. I would look at black and white stuff all day no matter what it is! These are good shots.


Hello again Eric. Rather than posting five or six at a time, I think I'll maybe start posting an allotment pic every day with no text - just the bare image. I might be able to fool some people into thinking they're photographs of something else that way. :-)