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Sunday, January 1

Receding Tones

Still showing some pics from an outing last week as I haven't had a chance these last few days to shoot anything new. The weather is still much the same so I wouldn't have got anything different anyway!

Like the earlier pics, these are Rollei Retro 100 negs from the Nikon F90x. The top pic was taken on the 70-210 Nikkor and the bottom one on the 85mm AF f1.8  Nikkor.

One of the great things about shooting under these conditions is that there is enormous lee-way when it comes to exposure. The contrast ratio within the frame is so low that you'd have to be really ham-fisted to over or underexpose one of these scenes.

The multi-segment metering of the F90x handles this sort of work in its sleep. In fact, it's so good that it only occasionally requires some user input regardless of the lighting conditions.

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