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Sunday, November 13

Blog revamp

I've made a few changes to the way The Online Darkroom looks and thought I'd tell you why. The main reason is that I'd like to be able to add more articles and the previous way of displaying them horizontally beneath the header was too restrictive. I should be able to add as many as I like now in a vertical row down the right hand side.

I've also reduced the little bit of information about me. The move from two to three columns meant the space it had was too narrow and the text consequently went too far down the page. There's now a list of topics I've covered beneath this intro section as I felt it would be more beneficial for visitors to see what I've written about at a glance instead of being presented with an archive of blog posts which can take a bit of wading through.

Setting up a blog is difficult to get right straight from the off and I might make another one or two changes in future if it means I'm able to present the content in a better or more accessible manner.

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