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Friday, September 16

Working the wheat field

I've included another couple of examples here from the same wheat field I shot the pic that was shown in my previous post. It's just up the road from me but I suspect it will soon be harvested and it might well be gone before I get another crack at it.

I was shooting with the Rollei wide open for these shots, something that's become much easier since I swapped its original focusing screen with a cut down one from a Mamiya RB67. Even though, depth of field is minimal at close distances and the little breeze there was didn't help as the wheat was steadily being blown out of the plane of focus.

They're deliberately dark and moody to add some atmosphere. The negatives are quite flexible, however, and when it comes to printing (as opposed to scanning) them I'll be able to consider different treatments.

With luck, I'll be able to make a start printing on Monday. I've just about got everything in place but my darkroom has a habit of being used as an impromptu store room and becomes a repository for all the junk that gathers in a house that you don't want to throw out but can't find a home for. My weekend will be spent trying to get the darkroom into decent shape and I might well kick off having a bash at these negatives.

Scanning was just the same procedure as before: Vuescan and an Epson 3200 scanner. As it happens with digital gear, the scanner is now ancient technology but it doesn't seem too long ago that I was forking out what seemed like an arm and a leg for it!

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