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Tuesday, October 21

Open House

Having a trawl through some old negatives at the weekend, I came across a rare sheet of colour print film negatives. I haven't used colour film for a few years. This one was Fuji 200 according to the rebate. It was run through a Pentax MZ5n I used to have, a great wee camera by the way.

Monday, October 20

Twelve Small Squares - a new website

David Kirby, one of the splendid chaps at the Film and Darkroom Users group (FADU), has launched a new website, building on the work of his long-standing blog about film photography.

Friday, October 17

How blogging has changed my photography

For the second time in a few weeks, reader MartyNL has got me thinking about what I'm doing and reflecting on whether I should be doing it differently. First of all, he made me realise that I really needed to get back into the darkroom - it's why I started this blog after all. Then, in an innocent-enough comment to my previous post, he basically called me a "landscape" photographer.

Tuesday, October 14

50 ISO is just too slow for walkabout photography

A final pair from the roll of CHS ART 100 courtesy of the Voigtlander Vitessa. The bottom one shares the same problem that Doug H highlighted in the comments on my previous post. It was quite dark under that tree and I was shooting at f2.8 at 1/25th so there's not much depth of field.

Monday, October 13

The Vitessa's last hurrah

As promised, here are a few pics taken from a roll of Adox CHS ART 100 I ran through the Voigtlander Vitessa last week. I'm pleased with the results but, as someone who wears glasses, I find the viewfinder of the camera to be a right pain in the bum.

Sunday, October 12

Ferrania hits its Kickstarter target

Congratulations to the Italian company for successfully reaching its £250,000 goal in such a short space of time. It really shows the passion that is still out there for film when almost 4,500 people were keen to contribute so much in such a short space of time. The total now stands at almost £253,000 with 17 stays still to go.

The cash will be used to purchase three machines vital to Ferrania's aim of establishing a colour film production plant capable of producing enough material to meet the needs of today's market. The machines, which the company calls Trixie, Walter and Big Boy, are presently in the old Ferrania factory in northern Italy that is due to be demolished by the end of the year.

Depending on demand, it's possible that the machines might also be used to produce black and white film at some point in the future.

Friday, October 10

Leica M3 brochure

Every time I pick these brochures up for a quick read I can't believe that I've so far managed to resist the Leica lure. That's not strictly true as I had an M2, M3, 35mm Summaron, 50mm Elmar and 90mm Elmar about 30 years ago but I can remember so little about actually using them that it's as if I'm still a Leica virgin.

Wednesday, October 8

Focotar v CE Rokkor

This is a pic taken with my old Voigtlander Vitessa and its famous 50mm f2 Ultron on Firstcall 400S rated at 160 ISO and developed in Spur HRX. Since getting back into the darkroom a couple of weeks ago I've been eager to see how negatives I've only scanned up to this point look on paper. In particular, I wondered how the Ultron would perform and what the grain from the Firstcall film - the cheapest on the UK market - would be like.

Tuesday, October 7

Leica M2 brochure

I have a few Leica brochures kicking around in the darkroom that I thought I'd scan at a reasonable size so that they can be printed out if desired. These scans are 250 dpi which means they should make a decent life-size or slighter larger print.

Monday, October 6

Ferrania Kickstarter passes another milestone

The fund raiser to buy film manufacturing equipment to give the world a fourth factory for colour material - and possibly some black and white film in future - has just gone though the $200,000 mark.

Italian company Ferrania are aiming to reach the $250,000 level and now have 23 days to attract pledges totalling just over $47,000. Already more than 3,600 people have signed up for the project.

If you'd like to contribute, please hit the button to left of this post which will take you to Ferrania's Kickstarter page.